Mikazuki (naishinnou) wrote in bad_service,

Check scam

I blame my husband for this since it was his own fault for taking the check without verifying with the bank.

A customer came in on April 18 and bought computer parts for a total of $205.18. The check bounced. It did more the bounce... it was a fake check. The customer used a fake ID, with a fake name, a fake driver license number and fake address (which matched the check but it was still fake). The bank sent it back with a note saying it's not a real account. Fucking great. $205.18 worth of computer parts, basically stolen. -_-

This is the last straw with checks. No more checks. Cash or charge but no more checks. Yes, there is still the danger of the charge being revoked BUT we can dispute that more easily then that of a check.

To make matters worse, we can go to the police YET because the damn bank REFUSES to send us the check back. They keep sending us piss poor photocopies where the name and address is difficult to read! The cops can't do anything about it without THAT information. SEND US THE DAMN CHECK BACK SO WE CAN FILE A CRIMINAL REPORT!

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