wannabe rockstar (rotf_lmao) wrote in bad_service,
wannabe rockstar

This isn't a tale so much of bad_service so much as....confusing_service? I don't know, but in any case, I was miffed.

About three weeks ago, I decided to order high-speed internet service from Aliant. I called and placed the order on a Saturday afternoon, and was told that because there was already a jack in my room and I was in the "right service area", I was eligible for the self-install -- a visit from a technician wouldn't be necessary. They told me that my installation kit would arrive in four or five business days.

Fast-forward to that Friday. I'm at work, when the phone rings. It's my dad, who tells me that a technician is at the house to "install my internet service".


That's not the worst part. The technician was at that point on his knees in my bedroom, trying to figure out how to turn my computer on! There are TWO buttons on the front of my tower. Not exactly rocket science, people! I mean, I could understand my father not knowing -- he's not exactly computer literate and is frankly almost afraid to even touch my computer for fear he will accidentally destroy something. But this guy WORKS for the damn company! I was just boggled.

Anyway, he finally gets everything up and running and leaves.

The next day, guess what I received in the mail? My installation kit. Which by then was totally unneccessary, since the "technician" had already set everything up.

I've also had repeated problems with my Internet connection. I've called Aliant's technical support line six times in the past two weeks, and even though I will say that the techs I've spoken to have been absolutely great in trying everything they could for me, they were never able to actually SOLVE my problem. I finally resolved the problem myself just last night (although don't ask me what I did).

I'm still completely amazed at the rigamarole that occurred with the installation, though. Had I know the tech was going to be showing up at my house, I could have arranged to be there and I could have turned the computer on FOR him, since that was obviously beyond his extensive technical knowledge.

Well. As I said, this was more "bewildering_service", but I just felt the need to share the story with someone.

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