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This would probably fall under Mildly Obnoxious Service.

I have a Virgin Mobile phone. For the most part, I am quite happy with it. Basically I prepay for my minutes, and I need to put $20.00 on my phone every 90 days in order for it to stay activated. Virgin Mobile helpfully sends me an email when I am getting close to the 90 day mark, and a message shows up on my phone to remind me. I don't mind that in the slightest.

What I DO mind is having a recording call my HOME number (not my cell), on a Saturday morning, reminding me to "Top-up," even though I just put money on my phone yesterday. Oh, and that call woke me up. Considering yesterday was Friday Night, I wasn't exactly a cheerful little muffin to be woken up in that manner.
I also don't like that it wouldn't let me connect to an operator, so I had to call back and try to navigate their recorded options, trying to deal with their voice recognition options, and finally press 0 a couple dozen times to be put on hold for an operator. About 15 minutes after their initial call, I finally reached an operator.

At this point I will fully admit to being a Sucky Customer, because I was slightly hungover, tired, and generally a little cranky. I was able to communicate to the operator in an irritated, but non-swearing, non-yelling manner that I did not wish to be called to remind me to top-up, and that really I was quite content with the simple reminder email.

I think part of the reason this whole situation irritated me so much was that the voice on the recording and their menu options is a very cheerful woman with a moderately heavy inner city accent, probably selected to make the service seem "hip" and "edgy." Instead it just rubbed me the wrong way.

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