Thehappyemo (thehappyemo) wrote in bad_service,

Bad service: Two places that stink

Had a double whammy of bad service.
I had a need to use Kinko's, as my printer is broken. All of their computers, all of them, are so incredibly slow they simply suck the minutes off of the refill cards. You can't launch programs in a reasonable amount of time. You can't log off without losing at least a $1.20 or more. I'm serious. You can jam the "eject" button and pray to the deity of your choice, and it won't spit the card out. It's the equivalent of a "clip joint".
When I told the counter girls they stopped their conversation long enough to have a resounding "Duh" and ask me if I knew how to fix their **it. What do I get for it? A hug? Respect? A galaxy of prizes? Yeah, I could probably eliminate the tremendous amount of spyware/adware and who Probably, if I had the password(s). After about two days with no sleep. That's how messed up their equipment is. I'm no IT expert by any means, but I know when something is totally ****ed to the gills.
No refund was offered whatsoever. Another person got up and stormed off without their Kinko's per-minute card.
I went to Taco Bell, right? The same day. The manager herself was ringing register. I got a Ultimate Chalupa, a Steak & Potato burrito, a soft taco Supreme and an Empanada. For myself and others. Everything was soggy. Very soggy. Portions were too small. My dumb friend called the number on the receipt and went through the extremely long, convoluted bs survey that pretty much is full of sound and fury, signifying nothing. Even at its best, it's not that good.
Still working on a resolution for both. I imagine I'll get some free coupons out of TB, but that Kinko's needs a complete restaffing.
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