Amber Alert (dread_pirate) wrote in bad_service,
Amber Alert

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Stupid service.

So I had my road test scheduled tomorrow, but for school reasons I needed to reschedule.

Me: Hello, I'd like to change my appointment if possible.
SGI(Saskatchewan Government Insurance): Okay, when would you like to go?
Me: Anytime next week before 3pm is fine.
SGI: Okay, we have an opening on Wednesday at 3:15pm.
Me: I need something before 3pm.
SGI: That IS before 3pm.
Me: What?
SGI: It is.
Me: I said before.
SGI: I know.
Me: What?
SGI: Okay, see you then!

I called back later to confirm my appointment, to make sure I wasn't hearing wrong, but I heard right! Joy!

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