mildlydisturbed (mildlydisturbed) wrote in bad_service,

May MS burn in the fiery pits

OK, actually the experience wasn't that bad, however

I have a drive fail at work on a Toshiba Satelite laptop. I slap in a new hard drive, insert the windows XP install disk, flip the laptop upside down to find the OEM code, and install the system. About an hour later I'm finishing up the first round of updates when Windows Genuine Advantage pops up and says I can't go further until I activate the thing online. I click, it pops up the activate screen, and then tells me my code's no good and to call MS for service.

I called the number, speak the 54 digit long instalation ID that the automated system requires, and amd told 4 minutes later that my instalation is no good. I get transfered to a man who I believe was Pakastani - which I can understand generally, but his phone keeps making loud hissing pops. He asks if I've installed this on any other machines, I tell him no, that I'll take a pic of the laptop's butt along with the screen if he wants, he asks again if I've installed it anywhere else and I tell him no. He then starts typing, and asks me to wait because the system is being slow. He says he will need my product key in a few minutes.

About 2 minutes into waiting I ask if he's still there and he says yes, please wait, it's very slow. I put him on speakerphone and forget about him for a while, I check back at 10 minutes and he says it's still working. I'm working on something else so I don't pay any attention to it. At 28 minutes of hold time I hear him move and then the phone hangs up. Not a big deal for me really, I was working on something else, but I am pretty sure the guy was just dicking around.

I called back, got an ozzy accent, told the guy what the previous guy had said, mentioned it could have been the phones and he said he didn't doubt that the other person had done that on purpose.

I mean, it's bad enough to be treated like a car theif by MS software because of a drive swap or weird-ass Toshiba factory install, but then the next guy doesn't even ask for the product key and took all of 2 minutes.

Think I just got used in a game of "let's see how long we can keep the stupid customer on hold" and conversely they (first rep) got played on the "let's see how high I can make this guy's call times this week"
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