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Symantec, Landlord & Restaurant

I just joined and I have three stories... I'm not upset about any of them anymore though ;-)

We called Symantec yesterday for tech support cause the laptop had a virus and the software wasn't deleting it. Husband knows computers inside and out, but he doesn't like working on his own. It's just a rule some techies have. He just wanted someone to be on the phone with him while he does it to double check what he is doing. They finally agree to charge him "only" $39.95. Whatever, computer techs notoriously overcharge- sort've like car mechanics (which happens to be husband's other expertise and former workplace).

Okay, so they take his card information and process the payment. It "doesn't go through." Despite calling the bank on three-way (at husband's cost) three different times, and me (having worked various jobs involving credit cards, most recently in customer service) knowing that transactions are either accepted or rejected: there is no magical land of limbo where the transaction chills out and makes up its mind as to whether or not it will be accepted: these idiots manage to charge us five times- the $200 almost overdrafting our account. (We only keep a little in checking for a reason.)

Not only that, they insist we don't know what the hell we are talking about, tell us we now have to wait 24 hrs. for our payment to clear before they will assist us (by the end of the conversation, they let us know that they would not help us at all if we called back), and let us know that they wouldn't connect us to customer service again (CS had already been called to reverse the first charge but since then, the other four charges had incurred) because we are only allowed to speak to them once a day.

Well, I guess they got pissed off with us after three hours of us hassling them for our refunds and our service (which we were willing to pay for once), and besides they had "hundreds of thousands" of customers who weren't as dumb as we were to tend to. They finally reconnected us to customer service.

We just so happen to get the same representative. She hears the story, is livid, reverses the charges immediately and then arranges for her own tech team to call husband today (none were working at the time) and give him their services for free. I told husband to break his rule and go ahead and do it himself, figuring if he messed up the tech that would call could help him reverse it. So, he did it and it took about 10 minutes.

The tech dutifully called today, listened to husband explain what he had done to verify he had done it correctly, and then stayed on to help husband with another semi-related problem- which was beyond what he was supposed to do.

Former Landlord
We moved into our apartment in September 2004. The apartment was pretty old and rent was really low, so we were pretty lax about things. Example: stove wouldn't light without a match and we patiently cooked dinner on it for a couple of weeks before they would replace it. We never complained and really didn't care all that much.

In December-ish, we noticed that the faucet in the tub wouldn't stop running completely when we turned it off. We told the manager after a day or two of it, and he said he'd get on it. We weren't overly concerned cause water was part of our rent and the noise didn't bother us. (We could have been enviornmentally concerned, but we weren't.) A week later, leak is getting bigger. A week later, even bigger. Over a period of about six weeks, we let him know atleast once a week.

Husband gets out of shower one night and turns the faucet. The thing breaks off completely and the bathroom is quickly getting flooded. The pressure from the pipe is so intense that husband can't screw the faucet back in- and is barely able to even keep a towel over the hole. While I'm running around trying to find towels and freaking out about what to do, it occurs to me that the electric box is located directly behind the tub, sharing the same space as the faucet and pipes.

I call 911 first, they say they are on their way to turn off the water. Then, I page the landlord. I page him 3 times (it is around 8pm). I run downstairs to flag down the firemen and as they are pulling up, landlord returns my call. He says, "Oh, I never told you were the valve was? I'm sorry." It was my first time renting, I probably should have known to ask about that sort of thing, but I didn't. However, it was a studio apartment and I was thinking, "There's not much you had to go over with us, actually the water valve was probably the only thing. How could you not do that!" It's a good thing he called cause the firemen would have cut off the water to the whole building and that would have been rough on everyone else.

We spent the next couple of nights with my dad, but when the apartment was fixed and we returned, husband ran into the landlord. He said, "Sorry, man. I was going to fix that." We had given him and all the groundscrew a "Holidays" present, too. :(

Shebeen Restaurant, Charlottesville, Virginia
My husband is South African and the US gov't is keeping him in this country against his will. He misses home so badly and he hasn't been able to even visit home for two years. I came across this restaurant, which is three hours away, and decided it might make him feel a little closer to home, so we would make a weekend trip out of it. We make reservations and I let the owner, Alex, know this- he is really thrilled. He says he can't wait to sit down and talk with us.

We get to the restaurant and a young man is next to the hostess desk. As the hostess is leading us away, husband asks the guy, "Hey, are you Alex?" Guy says, "No, you must be looking for my brother." "Oh, ok. Cause I had spoken to him (Alex) about coming here tonight." Guy just looks away. We're like, "No, that is definitely the right guy," but we decide not to press it and enjoy the night regardless. So we sit down.

15 mins. later, we are offered water and told our waiter would be right with us. We are sitting about 10 feet from the desk and directly in front of the kitchen. Somehow, we are totally overlooked. I should have complained, but I didn't want to get worked up as we were trying to enjoy ourselves. The waiter (we'll call him Henry) comes to us 45 minutes later! He apologizes quickly, takes our order.

The food comes quicker than I expected and we're eating 1 hour 15 mins after we first walked in. After eating, Henry asks us what is wrong, as I'm being passive agressive to avoid confronting him. I really just wanted to leave. I asked him, "Can you tell me something- that guy at the bar, is his name Alex?" He says it is and why? We tell him how we had spoken, he knew we were coming from out of town and that we had looked forward to reminiscing about South Africa. We also let him know we are upset that it took 45 minutes for us to be acknowleged. He apologizes profusely and runs off to get Alex (the man who said he was not Alex and was now sitting at the bar), even though I ask him not to. I really just wanted to leave and forget about it.

Alex comes over and we talk for atleast half an hour- which was really great cause it was a busy night. He says he thought we were coming the following night, which is why he ignored us, and he was sorry cause he had looked forward to seeing us. He picks up our tab (we still left a generous tip, cause we would have felt weird not doing that- though it was in ones, so they may have taken that for an insult) and he gives us his cell phone number so that we can ask him for advice on what to do in town. He offers us drinks (we don't drink, so we decline) and asks us to come back. The following day, we call him to thank him for the directions and he invites us back again. That was really awesome of him.
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