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A post over in C_S reminded me of why our Wendy's has to be the worst place to eat in my little town. Which is very sad, because Wendy's is my favorite burger joint. I love their burgers. But I've come to expect that what I order at Wendy's, about 75% of the time, is not what I get.

It's become something of a town joke now, actually. One of the girls in my office about a month ago went to pick up three burgers. She came back with one burger, one chicken sandwich and chicken nuggets. Myself, I've learned to at least check that there's something resembling a burger in my bag before I even leave the parking lot.

I don't think my order is that hard. Jr. cheeseburger, mayonnaise only. It shouldn't be that hard, right? Bun, burger, cheese, mayo, bun. But sometims it seems that's just a little too complicated for the crack staff of burger makers at Wendy's.

The last time I went to Wendy's, I'd been on a streak. The previous four visits, they'd gotten my burger wrong. Mustard instead of mayo (blegh), no cheese, veggies on burger (which I can pick off, but can still taste them so it wasn't as enjoyable), etc.

This time, oh the irony. They got it right... by getting it wrong.

I pulled up to the speaker thingamijiggy and give my usual order, jr. cheeseburger, mayo only, medium french fry. The girl repeats it back to me as I'm digging around in my purse, trying to find my wallet, because my purse likes to eat things. I say that's all and look up in time to see on the screen, she's got a jr. bacon cheeseburger. She's already told me to pull up, and I sigh, figuring my streak has continued, and it's not that big a deal, since I can pull the bacon off and give it to the dog.

So I pay, and get home.. only to find that there's no bacon on my burger. It's only a $.10 difference between a jr. cheeseburger and a bacon burger, so I'm not upset about that. I just had a good laugh over the irony of how they FINALLY got my burger right by getting it wrong. (And poor doggy had no bacon. *sniff*)

One time, my mother and I were eating at Wendy's when a torrential downpour came through. It was wierd... you couldn't even see the road because of how hard it was raining. So mom and I are sitting there, chowing down on lunch, when I feel something on my head. I look up and the ceiling right above me is leaking.

And you could tell this wasn't the first time the ceiling had leaked, as there were older water stains on the tiles. So mom and I move to a different table and mom decides to tell an employee about the dripping ceiling. The guy she told, who had been cleaning tables, just looked up at it and said, "Yeah, it does that." and went about his business. No one even bothered to come out and put a bucket under the drip. They just let it drip onto the table and floor.

The bad thing was, the leak was right next to a light fixture. And if I recall correctly, water and electricity don't mix well. And I'd bet the carpet was nice and moldy underneath, if it had been left to get wet like that and no one bothered to clean it up.

It would be simple to just not eat there anymore, but I do like Wendy's. I'm just sad that the people who work there don't seem to be the brightest crayons in the box, and that it's the only one in town.

If Sonic had decent fries, I'd eat there more often. I adore the people who work at our Sonic. And they've never gotten my order wrong.
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