Blair (_strikes_again_) wrote in bad_service,

So some time ago...about 6-7 years... my mom had ordered this bedroom set. We had just moved into a brand spaking new house, which my mom could now afford because she had just gotten a new job and a tremendous raise!! Well, she orders and pays for this nice vanity mirror/dresser set, 2 night stands, a bed frame another huge dresser and a smaller one. Notice i didnt say get. What she did end up getting was the bed, mirror/dresser, one night stand, and the huge dresser. Now this is nice cherry wood, so its not cheap. Two pieces of furniture are missing and my mom is upset. She calls the comapny she ordered dice. Calls the factory storing the furniture (in Boston, we lived in NH, company was set in NH.). They said they will deliver it in a few months because it went to another order on accident and they have to wait for a new shipment in. They apologized profusley. Why the company never told her  this... I dont know. But my mom was content (NOT happy) with the service and with the fact that she would be getting her stuff.

Fast forward to those "few months later". Still no furniture. Mom tries calling for a refund for those pieces. She doesnt want them a year after she got the others as she is doing just fine with the ones she has now.  The phone has been disconnected for the company and the factory doesnt pick up the phone and no anwering machine. Mom just gives up because well...theres nothing she can really do about a company that no one has ever heard of and now doesnt exist apparently.

 Fast forward two years later. Mom gets an angry letter about some pieces of furniture she never picked up at a warehouse in ....Connecticut? Then she gets another angry letter a few months later with a check in it for furniture that she never picked up which include the vanity mirror, big dresser, two night stands. So she apparnetly had the small dresser, the bed and the dresser that came ATTACHED to the vanity mirror.  No matter, she got refunded on over half her order. ... and banned from ordering from the company for wasting their time, space and money as they put it.

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