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First post rant

It amazes me how many customer service 'professionals' are out there these days, especially the ones who fail to provide any kind of service... at least that's my experience.

There are too many telemarketing stories to recount, and I'm sure that you've had your fair share of them too.
What annoys me most about these professionals, asides from their poor service, is that companies tend to be moving towards them in the name of saving money. I'm talking mostly of offshoring customer service centres here, wherever it may be to... it gives the impression that the company is more concerned with saving a couple dollars than providing me the service that I paid that little extra for. Does this bother anyone else?

This morning I had a situation with my car which was very mixed in terms of customer service standards. The second half of the service was impecable (towing), whilst the first half was a nightmare. For starters, how do you explain a technical issue to and then arrange a solution with someone who barely speaks English? This is what BMW roadside assistance expected me to do. Prestige customer service no speak good English - what?!
Mind you, this isn't the first time this has happened. I've had exactly the same problem with customer support departments for Apple and HP and it seems as if there's only one way to get over the problem quickly - the supervisor. In these instances the level of service has jumped from none to the high single-digits, and the problem solved in one fifth of the time.

Thanks for letting me have my little rant. I hope I'm not alone in feeling frustration over this.
I feel like I need to always be wearing a shirt that says 'I demand to speak to your supervisor'.. but like they'd see that over the phone.

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