careyliz (careyliz) wrote in bad_service,

from your friendly neighborhood dept. store.

A certain chain department store had a sale about 2 and a half weeks ago.  So, I bit the bullet, and bought an elliptical machine (an exercise machine- sort of a mix of a treadmill and an exercise bike ??  hard to explain).

I'm not a fan of wasting large amounts of money (as in when I try to put it together and break it!), so i paid the smaller amount to have it delivered and set up for me.  There wasn't a convienant delivery time until Saturday the 20th.  No big deal...  I can patiently wait!  I was nearly jumping out of my skin while I was buying it cause I was caught somewhere between being really excited and really not okay with dropping that much cash...  I am not a spender :)  And wait I did.  I have been itching to try out my new toy, but I waited until the 20th.  Got the call on Friday night saying they'd be there between 9:30 and 11:30.  So, I sat and waited (and did laundry, and other fun stuff) until they showed.

11:25, and they pull up.  Yay!!!!

I let them in and they bring it down to the basement as I asked. 

And then they say goodbye.

Umm...  I said...  I did pay for the set up too.  They informed me that it was a different company that came to do that and I had to call the store for details.   So, I called the store.  I explained that I was unaware the set-up was different, and asked what I had to do about it.  They said someone should have called me, and they would look into it and call me back.

*whistle*  *whistle* 

It's now Tuesday, and no call back.  So... I go back to the store in person, and seek some help.  I again explain that it was probably my fault for not paying attention while I was buying it... but I would like it set up soon, and I'm more than a little disappointed at how the man who answered the phone basically blew me off.  He called the assembly people and left them a message, and assured me that they would call me Wednesday.  It's now 10:30 on Wednesday night, and no call.  Hmm. 

I don't blame the store for the miscommunication... I'm sure that was me being excited.  But when it was discovered, they have done nothing to convince me that they actually care that I get what I paid for.  I don't expect much, but the fact that I've now been blown off twice is a little upsetting.  Especially since I was assured I'd get a call today.  Don't make promises unless you're going to pretend to follow through.  The least I would expect is a call asking if I've gotten anywhere- Since I did make it known I was not thrilled by their service. And I was a good little customer, and spoke calmly and rationally, even taking ownership of some of the responsbility!!!!

I just wanna play with my toy!!!!!

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