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Horrid, horrid telemarketers

So - just to clarify - I'm venting here. I get tired of people trying to scam me, and it makes me angry. Companies that try to get money by being deliberately deceptive and LYING to me irk me, especially when I'm busy and have so many better things to do - like dealing with *actual* problems.

I was so angry at a phone call this morning that I was *shaking* with rage.

Five years ago, this company conned my predecessor into having some sort of listing in their directory, and we paid them some money. They harassed us for two years trying (through whatever underhanded means possible) to get us to renew. Now, FIVE YEARS LATER, their rep calls me and tells me that we owe them money for a listing in their directory, for the last four years. And that he'll send me a proof of those four years in their directory, along with an invoice. I told him in plain language that a.) we don't want to pay for a listing in your directory and b.) we don't want to purchase a copy of your directory. No, no - he assures me - this isn't *new* stuff, this is an invoice for services already rendered (which was agreed to by someone who doesn't work here anymore, so I can't check with her).

So his shipping department calls to confirm our delivery. I smell a rat, and I don't authorize the shipment.

He calls back - and once again, assures me that the thing that's being shipped is proof of their previous service, which we now (after the fact) need to pay for. I tell him again that a.) We will not pay for a listing in their directory and b.) we will not purchase a copy of the directory. He assures me that this is NOT what the invoice is for. I say, fine - send it, and when the shipping department calls, I authorize the shipment.

The shipment arrives, and the CD directory is copyright 2006. Therefore, it can not possibly prove that they've listed us for the last four years, and there's no way in hell I'm sending them $400. So, I wrote a

Mr. Ralph M.
450 Oak Tree Avenue
Building A
South Plainfield, NJ 07080

Re: Invoice XXXXX and CD Directory

Dear Ralph,

I am returning the CD Directory and invoice you mailed out to our company. As the CD is copyrighted 2006, it is in no way proof of services that you have provided in the past, as you assured me in our telephone conversations. As I stated previously, XXX Construction is not interested in purchasing any further listings or directories from your company.

I feel that your practices in this matter have been deliberately deceptive and misleading. Please cease and desist in contacting us regarding your directory service.


My Name, Office Manager
XXX Construction, Inc.

(Names removed to protect the innocent. The guilty can rot in hell.)and returned the CD with the letter and invoice. That was last week.

This week, I've already gotten a fax of our "Past Due" invoice, and today, they called. I told them that I had returned the CD with a letter explaing why, and that I would NOT be paying their invoice. She wants to know why - since I clearly *authorized* the shipment with their shipping department. I told her that her rep had LIED to me on two separate occasions as to what was being shipped to me, and that I would NOT be paying them, and to stop calling me. When she continued, I hung up.

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