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(and) When we do, it's always a great experience and to top it off, last year when going to our second house to clean ( Before my waitressing job, I was a house cleaner ( not a maid, not a slave - a CLEANING LADY .. these stories are for another day ) and to top it off, when we would go sit in the parking lot, we would feed both the little black birds and - the seagulls* (that are no longer there. :( ) so every visit was always great. But this particular visit -- WAS NOT.

~~ The Cast ~~

Saccage :: (Mee!)
Fucking-Register-Whore :: (FRW)
The Manager <3 :: (M<3)

~~ The Plot ~~

Mom and I decide to visit the drive-through of our favorite Krystal Restruant, we halt at the larger-than-life menu...

FRW: Welcome to Krystal
Mom: Hi.. My daughter would like a Number #4 (the three - choice combo .. thing whatever) A Conedog, Spicy Chic-
FRW: *intterupts* Sorry we don't have the Spicy Chicken anymore.
Mom: *irritated* Okay, then a normal chi-
FRW: *intterupts, again* Would you like a Chilidog Instead?
Mom: ...*very irritated* If you would let me talk then you would know.
FRW: *hushes*
Mom: Conedog, Regular Chick, and a Kryst-
FRW: *interrupts - AGAIN* What to drink?
Mom: ... DOCTOR PEPPER - I would like three Krystals; No Chees-
FRW: *AGAIN!? WTF* Fries, with that?
Saccage: *pissed-off* I don't want Krystal anymore ... Let's just fucking go.
Mom: You know what, cancel the order - we're going SOMEWHERE ELSE.
M<3: *Takes over the intercom* Wait, wait, wait. What's wrong? Come up to the window hon, please.

So we drive around and meet the manager who's curious as to what's going on, mom explains how the Register-Whore would keep interrupting her in the middle of an order, and she was getting very annoyed because she wasn't LISTENING to ANYTHING she SAID.

M<3: Okay, then you tell me what you want and I'll fix it -- And she does, we take our food, praise the manager and leave.

I don't know what happened to the woman who would not shut up for a minute, but here's hoping she is NOT there when we return.

* = I live in Tennessee; and to us, it's rare to see gulls in the location, as we have seen none around the lake.

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