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So, Pizza Hut. Usually great - I'm allergic to dairy and they have so much grease on their crust and in their sauce that the pizza cooks perfectly without it. Tonight m'husband Caleb ordered a pizza with cheese for himself and for me he ordered a pizza with no cheese.

45 minutes later, our pizza goodness arrives... and mine is sprinkled with cheese.

I caall the store tht delivered it, only to spend ten minutes trying to get the lady who didn't understand or speak English apparently to grasp that the pizza was wrong. She puts me on hold. Ten minutes later, she picks up the phone again, has forgotten who I am, and I have to start over. Finally she offers to replace the pizza, says it'll be 30 minutes.

An hour later, no pizza yet, I call the store. Same lady answers, several minutes are spent trying to explain who I am, and then she starts saying AAIIIIEEEIII over and over, as far as both Caleb and I could tell. Finally get it through her head that I can't understand her, she says calmly "the driver is already on his way".

Fifteen minutes later, still no pizza.

It has been nearly two and a half hours since we ordered. I've already called the customer satisfaction hotline and the district manager will be calling back in the next three business days. I'm going to have a lot to say regarding hiring people who can speak fucking English and who don't make 45-minute mis-estimates regarding delivery time and who actually manage to apologise when they fuck up... and who don't have to be TOLD that yes, I want a pizza I can actually fucking EAT, they damn well WILL bring a second one out. Grrrrrr.

Pregnant woman, craving pizza. SMELLING the goodness on the pizza they delivered... but unable to touch it because it's got cheese all over it. Hate hate hate.

So, another fifteen minutes goes by, we called again. Apparently the driver had gotten lost. My response? Ok. Make a fresh pizza, and some freaking cinnamon sticks, and we will COME PICK THEM UP.

We arrived at approximately 10:15 - for reference, the first order was placed at 7:39 online, Caleb double-checked the exact time.

10:25, a fellow who was also waiting for his pizza asked to add another to his order, and was told they weren't doing any more walk-in orders despite the fact that they hadn't even made his order yet and that the sign on the door said they were open until 11:00.

10:30, they lock the door, and won't let Caleb out to go smoke a cigarette.

10:40, the no-speakie-english lady brings over both the new pizza and the one the driver brought back. BOTH have cheese on them - not much, but enough that every piece was contaminated. Caleb tasted the stuff on one of them, confirmed that yes, it was cheese. What does the bitch at the counter do?

Stands there insisting that there is no cheese on them. None. Despite Caleb, myself, and the other guy waiting all saying that yes, there IS cheese on them.

We leave, go through the drive-through at Carl's Jr. and come home. It is now 11:13 according to the clock on the laptop.

So from about 7:40 to ten after eleven, THREE AND A HALF HOURS, and I still get no pizza - she was closing and didn't want to remake them again and really, what was the point when the only other person working there was the obviously-stoned guy putting them together who had already fucked up not one, not two, but THREE PIZZAS? Yes, I've been around people who were stoned often enough to recognize the look, trust me, this guy was more baked than the pizzas were. You don't wander around in little circles and giggle at things like the fact that a piece of pepperoni was in with the olives for three minutes straight if you're not a little bit out of it, y'know?

Yeah. Not happy. When the District Manager calls back in the next day or two he'll be getting one hell of an earful - I expect to get the cost of our pizzas reimbursed and some coupons for free pizza, which we will NOT be getting delivered from that store unless there's some massive staff turnover. To have someone standing there telling me that the thing I am highly allergic to is NOT PRESENT when myself and two other people can SEE it all over the food that I am apparently expected to pay for AGAIN (when we came in she tried to charge us for the fresh pizza) leaves me thinking that this was VERY bad service.

Cross-posted to m'journal, edited slightly for clarification, am tired and grouchy and am editing it again to include an LJ cut... and am re-posting it properly in bad_service after accidentally cross-posting it to customers_suck. I should not be allowed to use the computer when tired, apparently.
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