The Ronin (theronin) wrote in bad_service,
The Ronin

Wally-world Woes

My wife and I went into Wally-world this weekend, to pick up a couple of small items, and to check out the deals they had on 27" TV's. Our old one died when we moved, and we'd finally found enough slack in our budget to replace it (and move the 24" back into the bedroom).

We picked up everything we needed, and went back to look at the TV's. They had several lined up on the top shelf that would fall within our price range, but the shelves beneath them were taken up by smaller boxed units. So, dragonbabylisa walked up to the girl "working" the electronics service counter (by "working" I mean testing the counter's load bearing capacity and counting ceiling tiles), and asked her to see if there were any of the 27" models boxed up & stored in the back.

Actually, she asked the girl four times. That's how long it took to get the "none on shelf, look in back" concept to register with her.

So Wally-girl heads off to the swinging doors that lead to Never-never-land, but on the way manages to get stopped by a family who needs a game out of the game case. (Now, I've worked sales before, and in this situation we were always told to politely say "I'm helping another customer right now, but if you give me a minute, I'll be right back with you.) I guess that policy must be a bit out-dated. Wally-girl retrieves the family's request from the case, leads them back to the counter, and checks them out.

She then resumes the forward-leaning rest position on the counter, and starts counting ceiling tiles.

So my wife walks back over, slightly steaming, and asks Wally-girl again to check on the TV. She grabs a soda from beneath the counter, and flounces back to Never-never-land in a huff.

Fifteen minutes of door-watching pass. DBL says "Fuck this, we'll go someplace else."

On our way to the checkout, we pass the aisle leading back to Layaway, and Wally-girl is sitting on a chair in Layaway bullshitting with the Layaway-girl. DBL walks back & asks "What happened to looking for our TV."

To which Wally-girl makes a face and replies, "I was jus' fixin' to do that."

SO, while I was playing with the self-serve register, I got to listen to my wife tell a manager in detail exactly why Wally-girl needed to be 86'd. We got the barest of apologies, and an "I'll talk to her." If she's there the next time we are, we're calling corporate.

On the plus sized, we found a lovely 27" flat-screen at Circuit City for around $20 less the next day.
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