Amelora- The succubus (amelora) wrote in bad_service,
Amelora- The succubus

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dear Mr. Cab Driver

I do not need to get too where I am going at the speed of light, so please do not do 65 in a 50 zone. Also do not run red and most importantly do not try and take on a street car - just for your own reference they are bigger then your little car. And please also do not fall asleep at red lights, this is only a five min drive.

Oh and then after you almost kill me three times you have the nerve to ask if I want change for a $20 in a $7 ride. Normally I enjoy tipping, however, I do not tip if you almost get me into three accidents and fall asleep. So, no I do not think you deserve a $13 dollar tip, give me back my change - you are lucky I paid you at all.
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