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A recent post in a similar vein reminded me of this incident, from when I was still working at the library as a page. Two middle school girls come over to the main desk and ask if they can use one of the study rooms. I've seen these girls around, and I know that they're generally quiet and well-behaved, and use the library to study and read, and I was glad they were considerate enough to ask for a study room to work on their project instead of talking and disturbing the people around them.

The librarian tells them that someone is using the room. Someone (I don't remember if it was the girls or another librarian) says that a man was in there before, but he had left his laptop and had been gone for about an hour. So there was really no reason that the girls couldn't use the study room - if you leave your stuff for that long, don't expect us to save your space. However, the librarian kind of laughs, tells them that they can't use it, and, while they're still standing there, makes a comment about silly kids expecting to use the library resources for adults.

Two things wrong with that: One, probably my biggest pet peeve is people talking about someone, particularly a child, as if they aren't there and can't hear. Two, tell me you're not really saving the room for some moron who thinks we'll watch his unlocked laptop for him indefinitely when people are waiting to use it. Please tell me that.

I'm not good with confrontation (a symptom of my not being a people person in general), so I didn't say anything at the time, but I really wish I had. Kids, especially good kids, don't deserve to be treated like second-class citizens.
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