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I recently got a new credit card that comes with the option of having emergency payment come with it where if you can't pay your bill because you lose you job or die they make the minimum payment for you for up to a year. When I was activating my card I said I would like this option when they asked me because I was half zoning on something I was reading and half just not listening, yeah I suck like that.
So I get a thing in the mail about it telling me that what a good decision I made getting it and just how it works and if I don't want it I can get it taken off before the next billing cycle. So I call the 800 number to get it canceled because I don't really want to pay for it and I'm connected with captain crabby pants.
She does her opening shpeal and I tell her I would like to discontinue this option and she does her thing about what a great plan it is and how everyone should have it and I again tell her that I really would just like to please cancel it. Then she asks me what if I lose my job tomorrow who would take care of my bills and I informed her I had enough built up that I would be able to take care of it for a while. So then she continued to pry well when that money runs out because it's going to who's going to take care of it. I told her that I'm sure my parents wouldn't let me go in to debt and would help me out with the $11.50 minimum payment, to which she responded "gee it must to be nice to have parents who bail you out of your messes". I was shocked. First off this was a fictitious scenario she had created and second how is loosing a job a mess and why is about maybe three or four payments "bailing me out of a mess"? Then she said well since someone will always be around to enable you I'll just take this option off. Have a nice day" and hung up. I was pissed and kept trying to call back but they only take call 'til 5 p.m. eastern and it was already a little after that so I have to do it tomorrow.

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