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Bad Service is our local post office.

Our tale starts way back in

My husband and I live in an apartment, our building has 7 apartments total in it. We all have those tiny little boxes that our postal worker likes to cram everything into. That's not where the bad service comes in.

My husband and I, we get a lot of mail. Between magazines, bills, and junk mail, we always have a box full.

Right around the beginning of September last year, we didn't get mail one day. "Weird," we thought. The next day, same thing. A few more days passed and still no mail. I called the post office (which is literally at the end of our street) from work to ask why - We had just gotten married, we thought the name change on the mail freaked them out, or that someone else in our building moved out and the accidentally stopped our mail. They told me I'd have to come in. Ok, whatever. It's not like it's far away. I go in after work, and am told that the mail carrier cannot get into our building. "Isn't there a protocol for this sort of thing?" I ask as I'm being handed my mail. "If the carrier has a form on him/her they will post it, otherwise, no."

Note: My hours are such that I'm the first one home in the building. I would get any notices that were slipped under the door before any of my neighbors.

We call the landlord, I assume they fix the broken buzzer that's keeping our mail away, and all is happy again.

Until about two months ago. No mail again, however, this time we have some form slipped under our door saying the buzzer to the main door is broken and the mail person can't get in. I go to the post office, get my mail, call the landlord.

One month ago. No mail again. No note, either. Down to the post office I go. When I get to the front of the line, a woman (working there) with the largest attitude I've ever seen, asks me what's my problem. I tell her - no mail, is it being held, can I get it? "Did you put a hold on your mail? Is your name on your box? Did you just move or something?" Nope, just that sometimes the carrier can't get into our building and leaves the mail here. "You'd get a note if that happened." Yeah, ok lady. Can you get my mail now? She goes into the back and comes out with our big 'ol stack of mail. "Your carrier can't get into your building." Thanks lady, I'll call the landlord on the way home.

Now. Saturday, no mail. Yesterday, no mail. Today - three guesses! This time I get the guy who seems to be in charge (the impression I got from all this time spent down at the post office). He informs me that in fact, my carrier can't get into the building. I told him that I'll call my landlord and instead he gives me a phone number of the post office - handyman. *He* has to fix the buzzer. Hmmm...I say. Anyway, when I ask for my mail I'm informed that it is, in fact, illegal to deliver general post mail across the window in the post office. That's great, sir, then your employees have been breaking the law the past three times I've been in here.

I get to call this number from work tomorrow and hope they can fix the buzzer before this weekend (we're going away and need the mail!). I was also given the number for the post office and our route number so I can ask the carrier what is up. I also get to call the landlord and tell them the story.

I'm not blaming my landlord in any of this because they are awesome is just about every way. Whenever I've called them with this problem, I've gotten mail the next day. Either it is fixed right away or the carrier has been lying.

For reference: The post from back in September from my personal journal.

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