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A quickie update on the hairdye in the eye incident:

It took a full month for the tear in my cornea to heal, I had to go on a new round of antibiotics for it, but now it's healed nicely. I gave up on the lawsuit idea when the salon manager called me back, changed her mind, and gave me a full refund.

Another quick bad service story though:

To keep my job, I have to be in post secondary this fall, because I'm completely unqualified for the position I hold. So I did all that needed to be done, and have a conditional seat this fall for engineering. There were 2 courses that I have to have marks in by July or else my seat is offered to someone else. One of these courses = Math 30 Pure. I can challenge Math 30 Pure on June 19th.

Months and months ago, I ordered all the resources I thought I'd need for studying, online at my province's education resource site, which is basically the only place you can get resources through. When ordering it told me one of the materials, the main textbook, wasn't available but would be put on back order with a shipping date of May 9th. I figured that would give me about a month of studying time until the test, so I didn't sweat the wait any and paid the near $100 for the text. The rest of the materials came, with a shipping notice that the other text would be shipped on May 9th.

So I wait. And wait. And now it's the 23rd, and I figure it shouldn't take this long to ship one text especially since the other material came quickly, so I call.

The CSR tells me that yes, they changed their order date and they're not ordering these texts until second week of June. Reminder, my exam is June 19th.

They didn't notify me of the change at all, and didn't make any efforts to help me out here. Even if it meant ordering just one or one batch a little early.

The rest of the materials I ordered are useless without the textbook, because none of them explain anything, just say to refer to the text.

So now, if I don't find somewhere else to possibly find a textbook, I can't write the exam, I forfeit my seat for post secondary, and I might lose my job over it. I've been here 5 years and without post secondary, there's no way I could find this good a job anywhere else, and without the pay I'm making, I wouldn't be able to afford my mortgage. And they're the province's resource centre, so there's no where else to even get one unless I luck out and find one used (which isn't likely as all HS students need to turn theirs in at the end of the year)

And even though they're the ones that told me twice what date I would get the text, and then changed that date without even notifying me, they're not doing anything to help me out. I basically got a "yeah, that sucks."

Bad service, that could completely disrupt my life.
That sucks.
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