Ju Ju Bee (julieannie) wrote in bad_service,
Ju Ju Bee

A bad night

My boyfriend and I went to a movie late at night this weekend and since we live on the end of town with nothing open past 10, we decided to stop at the Steak n Shake on the other side. We get there and the parking lot looks a little full but not too bad. We walk in and just see 2 guys hanging out waiting for a seat so we assume there won't be a long wait. We're hungry and willing to wait a bit because the high school prom kids are finishing up their meals there so it's a little crowded.

The prom kids leave and the wait staff ignores us all. Another group of kids come in and a waiter says "OH SHIT!" and hides in the back. After maybe 15 minutes the guys in front of us are seated and the waitress promises to seat us ASAP. Meanwhile, high school group behind us just sits despite the sign saying to wait and they get their orders taken right away. So we attempt to sit and the "OH SHIT!" waiter says "Can't you read!?" so we waited another 5 minutes till the girl came back. By this point, we had labelled each worker on duty. Pregnant manager who just kept going to the bathroom. Waitress who wished she was at prom. Guy with attitude problem. Burger dude who ignored the chaos. And milkshake girl who only made shakes and then sighed if there were none to be made.

We always get the same items so we told the attitude waiter right away. He wrote it down and didn't come back with our chili and coleslaw till the meal came and also didn't give us our drinks. We had asked for shakes and when I went to the register and waited 5 minutes to be helped, they just came by with water. I was peeved and chowed down my food. The fries were still half uncooked and had no seasoning. It was a collaborative effort of awfulness. 

I went to pay and waited another 10 minutes for pregnant manager to come out of the bathroom to help me. I mentioned how the service was not up to par and she rolled her eyes and said as the manager she could care less what some bratty teen thought. I said there was a milkshake on my bill that I never received and she rolled her eyes and murmered something about me trying to get a free shake. For the record, I was there with my 26 year old boyfriend and I'm almost 21. We were well behaved despite the annoyances and I did call the Missouri Division Office about it. They sounded really upset and I let them know I don't usually go to that Steak n Shake and I will go to the one that is more convenient to me from now on. They said to expect coupons and a gift certificate in the mail for my trouble and urged me to not let one experience taint the rest. So that Steak n Shake was awful but corporate was very helpful.
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