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Kind of WTF-definitely bad attitude
I drove up to a Taco Bell/KFC combination (I think its KFC-I get the chicken places mixed up)I went through the drive thru and saw that the combos were labelled T1, T2, T3 for Taco Bell and K1, K2, etc...for KFC. Simple yes? I wanted a combo and a chicken quesadilla for a friend.

The convo went like so

Her-Welcome, how are you today?
Me-I am well, how are you?
**Long stretch of silence**
Her-uuuuhm.oooooookay. What do you want? (Ok, maybe she isnt used to people returning the question, but she sounded annoyed that I did o-O)
Me-I would like a Chicken quesadilla and a T6 combo, beef, with pepsi. (said slowly)
Her-a T6?!
Me-yes, the T6 combo
**long silence**
Her-**sigh** M'am, we do not have a T6. I have no idea what you are asking for.
Me-**long glance at the menu that says in HUGE yellow letters, T6 combo**
Me-Uhm, I want the number 6 combo...from Taco Bell.
Her-oh-A #6! (said like, god you moron why didnt you say so) beef or chicken?
Her-M'am, beef or chicken?
Me-Beef please!
Her-**loud sigh** M'AM-you DO want the chalupa combo, right?
Her-beef or chicken?
Me-beef please
Her-and what to drink?
Her-is the order correct on the screen?
It was completely incorrect. She got the chicken Q, but the combo was completely wrong. Once again I checked the menu-yes, the T6, the number 6 combo, the chalupa combo, all the same freaking thing and confirmed by her and me over the course of our conversation.
I corrected her and drove around-I wanted the hell out of there so I just left, but it was, of course, incorrect when I got home.
I know some of this was probably being unable to hear each other...but not all-like...she had no idea what the T6 combo was? I thought we were supposed to order by the numbers and the HUGE letters said T6. Even if that confused her, she confirmed the #6-wouldnt fast food employees be used to people ordering combos by numbers?! And her attitude was so snappy and sarcastic the entire time-I hate being treated like an insane person! And I am normally very careful to speak up and fairly slowly so I know I wasnt barrelling through it so she couldnt understand (I am figuring maybe the wind obscured it or whatever-or she was stoned)

Oh, and to the waitress who acted like splitting the check was the biggest deal in the world even though we had asked for separate checks from the very beginning and then failed to wait until we left before ranting to a coworker about how annoying stupid requests are-screw you!

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