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Why must Verizon suck at life?

My family has had Verizon phone service for nearly seven years. During those years, we had a computer that uses AOL dial-up to get to the 'net (it's outdated, I know, my parents fear change).

When I come home from college, I hook up my computer in my bedroom and use the phone line at night. During these years, there have never been any big charges due to the computers and the phone bill monthly averages about 40 or so dollars.

Today, we got a bill for 430 dollars. Even odder, this was only for a TWO WEEK period. The last phone bill was for 40$ and came in the middle of April. This phone bill was only for May 2 to May 16. The rest of April is COMPLETELY missing.

The computers have NEVER been charged so astronomically before. The access numbers haven't been changed, and the numbers we use are all local numbers with the local area code. My father's computer has been using that number for YEARS and never has this happened before!

Things are made WEIRDER by the fact that the customer service number was DOWN and UNREACHABLE all day.

Does anyone have any idea why Verizon would start charging like this, when nothing has been changed? We're pretty damn sure it's a mistake on their part.

Ideas? Opinions? Help?

[Edit: The main problem is the charges for the time the computers are on. We can't rule out someone stealing our line, but all the times for the huge charges are on the times people are online. Nothing was changed on them, though, and they're charging 50$ for a half hour online...]
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