Mikazuki (naishinnou) wrote in bad_service,

Sucky customer or bad service?

Topic title: Wow, what a bitch
I'd understand, if you were having a bad day at work, but honestly, your waitressing skills suck.

01. You didn't even come by the tables of your customers unless it was convenient.
02. The food was atrocious. My philly cheese steak sandwhich tasted more like two pieces of bread with cheese and shoe leather put between them and the eggs benedict made my parents sick to their stomachs.
03. My mom paid exact change in coins. She should have gotten $12 back, not $11.53.

I don't care if you heard me calling you a "stupid woman," at least learn to be faster and more observant of your customers and not pocket the change a customer puts with the money that goes toward the bill.

Now you know why we didn't give you a tip.

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