Kaitlyn (kaitlyn142) wrote in bad_service,

A story to make you laugh

This is from years and years ago. My dad was doing some "family bonding" and telling stories. When he shared this gem, I knew y'all would enjoy it.

A long time ago, my dad solved a computer problem for the very large corp he works for. It was a company-wide problem, and it earned him the title of computer-guru. The funny part was that him solving it was a fluke, and he really didn't know all that much about computers. Cut to him having a computer crisis of his own, so he called *very large corp's* help desk.

Dad: Hi, I'm Joe Smith. My computer is *insert problem here.*

They went through all the standard things, none worked. Dad requested that the help request be escalated. This particular employee was very by-the-book, and gave the scripted responce.

Tech: Okay. First you'll need to consult Joe Smith. We need his permission to escalate it.
Dad: But I'm Joe Smith.
Tech: I know, but I can't do anything until you ask Joe Smith.
Dad: No, seriously, I'm Joe Smith, and I need help.
Tech: Yes, but you need to consult Joe Smith before I can do anything.
Dad: Let me get this straight. I need to hang up, call myself, then call you again before you'll do anything?
Tech: Yes.
Dad: *headdesk*

Dad hung up, waited two minutes, and called back.

Dad: Hi. I called myself, and I didn't know what to do, so I gave myself permission to escalate it.
Tech: Great! *proceeds to escalate call and get computer fixed*
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