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Um...hell no?

X-Posted to my journal.

I was just approved about 7 seconds ago...and this can not wait to be posted.

Just happened about half an hour ago....

Cut for creative uses of the word "Fuck" and excessive blasphamy.

I honestly fucking hate call centers and dealing with the complete fuckhead idiots that work in them.

The headache, anger, and pisstivity level one is causing myself and the mate right now is reaching an almost painful level. The run-around, reverse decisions, ASSHOLES hanging up on us...all because THEY are having issues verifying OUR credit card despite that fact that THEY and WE both verified it with the bank.


The problem: Our address is on US HWY 285. The guy who put in the order this morning, neglected to input the 285. We were told however at the time of order than an email would be sent to our company address within 20 minutes. That was 8 hours ago. We call back to see what is going on and now all hell has broken loose. They fucked up, admitted to fucking up, retracted that statement, switched us to a supervisor who said he had taken care of the problem, then 3 minutes later said he had NOT taken care of it and overridden his own override because he didn't like the attitude WE had and then proceeded to hang up on us, leaving us 48 hours to resolve the matter.

Um....In how many languages can I say hell FUCKING GODDAMN SONOFABITCH NO.

1)Make a decision then retract it when I complain about your poor service?

Fuck no.

2)Hang the fuck up on me?

Hell. Fucking. No.

3)Expect me to not call back and rip you a new fuckhole?

Hell. Goddamn. Motherfucking. No.

4)Going to fix the problem PLUS give me some insentive for all the BULLSHIT I just had to go through?

You'd better be-goddamn-lieve it.

I fucking hate dealing with people that aren't straight forward and honest with me.

Don't come back and tell me you changed and fixed the problem when in fact you DIDNT. Don't tell me you fixed the problem then say you changed your mind because I complained about your reps bad service. DON'T FUCKING HANG UP ON ME IN MID-SENTENCE.

If you're straight with me, I'll be straight with you. I'll be calm, cool, collected, and even as helpful as humanly possible in getting whatever is needed in an attempt to rectify the situation.

Give me the run-around, stuff bullshit down my throat, and then have the testicular fortitude to hang up on me? Expect me to bring down the wrath of God and set forth the guns of the Navarone on your ass.

I lack the patients and the self-control to deal with such a complete lack of fucking intelligence and tact.


And there we go. Wrath was unleashed, the gates of Hell were thrown wide-open, and Barret in Customer Service just said *in theory* that everything is taken care of and apologized out the side of his new asshole that everything will be fine and should I have any more issues, here is his direct line.


NOTE: I was completely calm, rational and cooperative despite the initial difficulty until I was basically lied to on multiple occassions. At which point, I could more than likely have been a candidate for Customers_Suck.

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