merlyn4401 (merlyn4401) wrote in bad_service,

Service question

I know there are several grocery store cashiers in this community, so I'm hoping someone can answer my question. I shop regularly at Wal-Mart. Lately, I've been getting quite irritated by the checkout procedure. For some reason or another, the majority of cashiers I've dealt with over the past few weeks have switched their conveyors from automatic to manual. Not that big a deal, I know. I just get frustrated because they will clear groceries a good foot back from the register before they advance the belt at all. This means I am waiting with a half-full grocery cart with no place to put the groceries until the cashier decides to flip the switch. It also causes my bags to start piling up at the other end because I am unable to get the cart unloaded. Does anyone know why they are doing that? If it was just one person, I'd avoid that line in the future. But it seems to be the majority.

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