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This isn't so much bad, as potentially bad.

My mom has a prescription for Vicodin, which she can only refill a certain number of times per year, as it is a narcotic. She usually gets enough to last three months, which is 180 pills.

She went in to pick up the prescription today, and instead of getting the usual two bottles because of the number of pills, she only got one. Mom just thought that they somehow managed to stuff all of them in one big bottle instead of two little ones. I don't know what possessed her to count them, but I'm glad she did. There were only 120 in the bottle. She thought it was an honest mistake, so we went back into the pharmacy to get the other part of the prescription. It probably was just a mistake, I'm not trying to say that the pharmacist was incomptetent or anything.

When we got to the counter, my mom told the pharmacist that she was missing 60 pills. She wasn't rude or condescending, but the pharmacist became extremely rude. She was obviously very upset that we had come back in to get the rest of the medication. She heaved a massive sigh of annoyance and then checked the records. Finally, after much verification (yes, that's her job. Vicodin his heavily regulated for a reason) and slamming down of papers, bottles, etc, my mom got her prescription and we left.

I understand that the pharmacist likely just made an error in reading the script, the cynic in me wonders why she got so upset. Was she trying to keep the pills for herself, and hoped my mom wouldn't notice? I thought about it all the way home, and when we got there I told her that maybe she should let the pharmacy manager know. I'm not trying to get anyone in trouble, but isn't part of a pharmacist's job to be able to read scripts? What if she made a mistake with dosage, and someone became seriously ill or died from it? Or, what if she was an addict who was skimming pills to keep and/or sell?

This probably isn't a blatant example of bad service, but there was no excuse for the pharmacist's rude behavior in the situation. Feel free to delete this if it doesn't belong here.

Update: My mom called the pharmacy manager and was informed that there were 2 Vicodin prescriptions being filled at the same time. Apparently, they got the prescriptions swapped by mistake! Wow. That's comforting . . .
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