La Chica Loca (acidcookiegirl) wrote in bad_service,
La Chica Loca

Am I wrong to want to say something?

Maybe a month or so ago, my roommate and I ventured into the next neighborhood over and ended up at a large chain drugstore to get something to drink.

The cashier seemed harried at the short cue of customers (at most 5-6). My roommate paid for her items and when I got to the front of the line to pay my item was less than $2, and all I had was a $20 bill to which she shouts "I can't make change for that!" My roommate loans me the money but notes how "unprofessional" the cashier was.

Yesterday, I ended up at this same store. The same cashier was standing outside the entrance. I'm assuming she wasn't on her break because:
a) There was no one at the registers
b) As soon as a few people walked in, she stepped back inside.

So again, I'm grabbing a snack and got in line. A man wanted to pay with his debit card which she said she couldn't do. He then asks if he can go home and get the money to which she responds she can't void the transaction. She doesn't call a manager to ask for money or even to void the transaction. I can't believe a register wouldn't allow you to cancel a transaction -- with or without a manager. Finally she pages very rudely for register backup.

My friend lives in the neighborhood and I asked her about the cashier, she agreed the woman seems rude, has had to be paged to come to the register a few times and is often seen standing just outside the main entrance.

I almost feel compelled to complain to the store. As someone who's worked retail for several years, I know the service this cashier offered is unacceptable. But I can't help but think this might be her only job, and if getting her in trouble would set off some chain of events. Should I make some sort of comment? Or just let it go?
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