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Collection people piss me off...

So, I was awoken long before my alarm this morning by another annoying digital sound, our cellphone. Usually it's someone I want to talk to, so I don't mind, but today it was someone from a collection agency attampting to get money out of me for an overdue ER bill.

Now, I don't like to be in debt anymore than the next person, but that does not give people the right to make me feel like crap about it. When I explained to her my dire financial situation and that I was unable to settle my debt at this time, she proceeded to ask me how I paid my other bills. I told her that I had the peace of mind to pay my rent a year in advance (which is true), and then she wanted to how I payed my light bill. I'm pretty sure none of this is her business, yet I told her that I got by on the lights and that electricity was more important to me than a good credit score. She then said "Well, what about your health? Isn't that important to you," implying that if I didn't settle my debt, I would not be seen by any health care professionals from here on out. I told her I would cross that bridge when I came to it.

She then got very nasty with me, saying that it was immoral of me not to pay this doctor who had devoted his time to helping me. (For the record, the guy couldn't formulate an English sentance, even though he was as white as me, and he reeked of beer and cigarettes, I kid you not!) I know and you know of course, that the doctor is sitting pretty with his money, because this collection agency has bought my debt, which I did not authorize them to do, but by this time I was fairly agitated, so I said "Well, the doctor makes a helluva lot more money than I do at the moment, so I'm sure he'll survive." Now, I admit that was probably not the best thing to say, but she retorted with "Sir, that doesn't make a damn, you've had the same opportunities to make all the money he does, so stop whining about it."

I'm a 27 y/o ex-Marine who is just now getting ready to finish up my first Bachelor's degree! What chance have I had to make the same money as that doctor? At any rate, at this point, she hung up on me.

My question is this: Do these people realize how many debts go unpaid out of spite about being talked to like an idiot? I'm sure that someday, possibly soon, I will be able to pay the three hundred some odd dollars that I owe, but I certainly don't want to now, for being talked to like I was this morning. If I pay, she wins. What happened to courtesy and politeness in the workplace? When did the customer/consumer/etc. become "always wrong?"

Something should be done.

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