akarui_kibuno (akarui_kibuno) wrote in bad_service,

Just a small gripe, but still...

A small letter to the MacDonald's employee I saw yesterday when getting food with boyfriend cause we were too lazy to cook. Background: when I go to "MacDo" (as we say in France) I usually look at the "sandwich tray" behind them to see which are ready, and choose from there, to avoid waiting and make things easier for them.

Dear Employee,

I'm a good customer. Really. I generally tend to look at the sandwich tray before ordering, to avoid bothering you, and because it's easier for me. Really really really. But yesterday, I wanted to add two "Croque Mc Do" (basically, flat bun, lots of cheese, ham, flat bun) to my meal.

You told me I'd have to wait a few minutes. Hey, fine with me, gotta take other orders and make other sandwiches. 

But, tell me: when you tell my boyfriend you're going to bring him his sandwich... and that you don't, and when I get up to check on *my* sandwich, only to see you have at least three sandwiches like the one he ordered ready, and that there aren't that many people, that your coworker does something, but you don't, I don't like it.

Then I go back to my table, and Boyfriend figures he is going to pick up his sandwich himself. The first time, he gets his sandwich and not mine. It's been at least ten minutes by this point. After fifteen minutes (after my initial order) he gets up again with my receipt to retrieve my missing sandwich.

What pissed me off more, you might ask ? He saw sandwiches like the one I had ordered flying off the shelf (literally: five or six being given to customers) when the people who got there got there wayyyyyyyyyyyy after me. I'm all "WTF" at this point cause, when your sandwich is not ready, they do bring it to you. You just tell them where you want to sit, and they bring the missing sandwich (Plus this "MacDo" wasn't that big : twenty tables, maybe) .

I'm not going to say this ruined a "couple outing" (like the crazy McD's customer I saw on a complaining website... you might have seen that, I don't know) . But to be quite honest, she could see me from where she was working, she knew I was waiting for my stuff... Bah. Not worth a customer complain, lol, but worth a smallish rant, especially since I'm a cheese addict and wanted my cheese XD ...

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