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Poor treatment at pharmacy

Hmm, a little background would help, so I'll start there. I was working at Rite-Aid as a front end cashier near my home. The Mate is on some really serious medications* because he has had two open spinal surgeries and is permanently disabled. We filled our scrips at CVS, and decided to transfer them to my place, since it would 1.) benefit my own employer, and 2.) be easier to drop off and pick up, since I was there 4-5 days a week anyway.  We had a substitute pharmacist from another store because our regular one was out at some conference.  Sounds simple enough, right?  Ha!  Read on.

So, The Mate comes in, and heads back to the pharmacy area, while I'm up front working.  I was almost due to get off, and was going to join him and wait after counting down my till.  I count, punch out, and start heading back after about a half hour, only to meet him halfway there, and he is FUMING.  Now, he is one of the most evenly tempered men I've ever met, and I've so rarely ever seen him say a bad word about ANYbody that I was taken aback, and asked him WTH happened.  Here's what he told me:

"First of all, when I got back there, I was ignored for nearly 10 minutes when there were NO other customers there.  Another customer comes in, and she takes care of him.  I wait a little longer, and then try to get her attention.  She ignores me again.  Then she takes another customer, and I'm standing there wondering if I somehow became invisible.  FInally I go up and ask if I can get some help, and she huffs and snaps, "Fine!" at me.  I hand over my scrips, and she starts taking my info.  She says it will be about 5 minutes, so I tell her I'll wait.  She walks off with my scrips, and I sit down.  After about 15 minutes, during which she took scrips from 4 or 5 other people, and gave them their meds, I finally go up and stand in line behind a couple to ask when mine will be ready.  A few people get in line behind me, and I get up to her, and ask her how much longer it will be.  She rolls her eyes, and turns and yells to the pharmacist, "Hey, when are you going to get this druggie's stuff ready!"  Say what?!  So I ask her, "What do you mean, this druggie?" thinking maybe it's a joke gone wrong.  Oh no, she proceeds to ream me for a good 45 seconds about how drug addicts like myself make their job SO much harder to do.

So I asked for my scrips back, and told her I sure as hell didn't deserve to be talked to like that, and for her information I have a six figure income, and could have brought a LOT of money to her store, and left."

He tells me this, and I'm PISSED.  This is the same pharmacy tech I've had run-ins with before, she tries to get me to ring her up (only management can do that), and let her pay later when she leaves, and generally acts like a real turd.  We've also had several complaint about her before from customers.  Because I work there, I figure the best thing is to ask the manager on duty what we should do.  She tells me that we should call the same customer number that any customer would call.  This makes sense, so we go buy a couple incidentals in the front, get a receipt, and now we have the number to call.  Yay!

The rest of the tale is posted to co workers suck, because it's more about co workers than customer service from here on out.

*Just for the curious folk, it was Duragesic 75 mcg/hr 72 hour patch, Zanaflex 4 mg tid, and Neurontin 300mg tid at the time, and has since increased in dose and they've added another medication. CVS has never ever been rude about the meds or given us a hassle.
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