Sheena (sinemoria) wrote in bad_service,

Work appropriate conversations & crappy service

Last night i went with my mother to the local Fashion Bug. When we walked in we were ignored-the three women working were all at the single register, chatting and trying out the bra measuring tool.

While my mom was looking for a camisole (she'd bought a really cute but thin gauzy top in another store), i was looking at the jewelry. I overheard the conversation the employees were having--about how another coworker was a terrible gossip, and had shared incredibly personal information (which she then announced) with people that didn't need to know. (I won't say what that information is, because regardless of how unprofessional they were, they still deserve thier privacy.)

Then, when my mom went to try a few things on, they acted like she was putting them out horribly by asking if she needed a tag or if the dressing room needed to be unlocked. They gave her attitude again when she said that one item fit, but she was going to check for another color.

Finally, when she found a camisole she liked, and wanted to check out, she had to wait until two of them stopped yakking for one to help her (the other was talking on her cell phone, behind the counter, about how she only had so much time left, her plans for the evening, etc). The one who helped her asked for a phone number, and my mother said that she didn't like to give her number out, that she was paying with cash. The woman stared at her, and said "no, really, i need your number."
My mom replied with "No, really, i don't like to give it out. I'm paying in cash. Why exactly do you need my number?"
"We need it on file for your FB account."
"Well, i don't need an account. Now may i pay for my shirt?"

The woman huffed at her, gave us both dirty looks, and i thought i heard her mutter "bitch" as we walked out.

My mom was really mad, and when i told her about the conversation i'd overheard, she was even more pissed. My mom's one of the nicest, most polite customers ever too. They didn't need to ignore her or give her attitude.

Also, i work in one of the neighboring stores. I know that we're discouraged from having personal conversations on the sales floor particularly when the store is open for customers. We're encouraged to save conversations for the break room or off-shift. Wouldn't most stores have a similar policy?
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