pherring (pherring) wrote in bad_service,


Grrrrrrr I frekin hate the taxi company I called today... I call at 11AM... Please send a cab at 4:45 PM going from My house to my new Job... (hooters btw, and yes I are a guy.) I start waiting for the cab at 4:30 just to be sure that they wouldn't claim I noshowed and have to send a second cab after me. 4:45 came, 4:50, 4:55... I start freaking out because this is my first night at a brand new job, I do NOT want to be late... finally I call at 4:55 to say that I'll be late getting to work... they seem to take it in stride... I then call the cab company who just then started trying to find me a driver.

It took them 10 minutes to find a driver who could take me, and another 10 for them to get there. By this point I was still 15 minutes away from work, and allready 15 minutes late.

Fortunatly work was cool about it... but if I had known that that cabbie would have gotten an earful...
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