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I thought I'd post this for my grandmother and see if anyone has any advice.

My grandmother owns a mobile home. It's quite old - older than I am, I think, and I'm 21 - and has been in the same park for almost ten years now. When it was being moved in by the landlord and their assistants, all those years ago, the water shutoff valve was broken. The landlord, since it was his fault, promised to fix it.

Well, he never got around to it.

It started a year ago, when the front bathroom started to cave in. We found a leak - hey, pipes get old and they leak - and asked the landlord to please repair the water shutoff valve, since we couldn't turn off the water to fix the pipes without it. The man refused. The pipes went unfixed. The bathroom became ruined - floors caved in.

So my grandmother had to shut down that bathroom completely; thankfully, she had another. In November, she had a new bathtub put in and wanted to put in new faucets. AGAIN asked the landlord to install a new shutoff - he AGAIN refused. My mother offered to even buy the thing and have a plumber install it, if he would just give CONSENT to have it done. It can't be done without his say so, since it's his equipment.


That was in November. Now, six months later? The bathroom in the back is starting to leak as well; the wall between the pipes and a bedroom is caving in, as well as the floors in both rooms.

All of which could have been avoided if the landlord would have just given consent to have the shutoff valve replaced. The pipes could have been fixed, things could have been kept up. Instead, there's three partially or completely destroyed rooms.

My mother and I are both saying to go to a lawyer. Does this seem like a case worth suing for? We have plenty of pictures and the insurance report from her homeowner's insurance stating that they won't pay the claim. (I don't think it covers acts of leaky pipes or something, and the insurance adjusters just asked WHY she didn't get the pipes fixed. Which is a damn good question, really, but we couldn't do it.)

It pisses me off so much, on my grandmother's behalf.
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