Karina Lynn (karinalynn) wrote in bad_service,
Karina Lynn

I just went to get a manicure at a place down the street from my house. Usually they do an awesome job and are really friendly. I really like the fact that they sterilize everything in front of you (they even have autoclaves.) This trip really pissed me off though. I had a 6pm appointment. I show up at 6 on the dot. I tell the girl I'm there for my manicure appointment. She asks me if I'm sure I only want a manicure. Yes, I'm sure. That's when it starts. She sighs, rolls her eyes and asks me to wait. I don't like fake nails and I can't afford a pedicure until I get paid on Monday. Sorry that I only need one of the cheapest services they provide. Some 14 year old girl comes in AFTER me and says she had a 6pm appointment for a full set of acrylics and they seated her immediately and started working on her nails.

I sat there for another 10 minutes waiting. Now I know that if I want to get my nails done when I'm supposed to and get priority, I should get something more expensive done. The girl who did my nails speeded through it. Barely did the hand massages thingy. She didn't ask me how I wanted my nails shaped, and she just made them all flat on top (but rounded on the sides) they looked ridiculous. I asked her to round them and she sighed, but did it, half-ass. She didn't even bother trying to get the polish on straight (or anywhere near my cuticle) and none of my nails are near the same length or even. I still tipped her well and she couldn't even muster up a thank you, she just walked away when she was done. I would've complained, but none of them really speak English (including the owner.)

I don't have time tonight, but tomorrow I'm going to have to reshape them and repolish them myself. It totally defeats the purpose of spending $15 on the manicure in the first place. Time to start looking for another nail shop.
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