pi_hole (pi_hole) wrote in bad_service,

scotia bank update

after my latest episode trying to get the two-week long holds on my cash deposits ceased, and being told no one could help me unless i would get a credit card, i was fuming.

i sent an email to the general customer service contact that i obtained from the website. i was surprised to receive a reply the next day- this woman told me she was concerned about the poor service i had received, and that she was going to forward my email to the branch manager.

today i received a phone call from the manager. she got me to reiterate what had been happening, and she aggreed that there was no excuse for it. she told me she was personally sorry that i had to put up with that for so long. and since i have been a customer for 22 years, she definitely didn't want me to close my account. as an incentive, she increased my cash-back limit to $2000. this way, i should never have an issue with holds affecting my money ever again. she personally promised that my cash deposits would never be held for longer than a day or two from now on.

i was shocked to find out, however, that i already had a cash-back limit of $200. whenever i have deposited money, i was unable to withdraw even $20 afterwards. the manager couldn't tell me why this had happened, but she promised that i would be able to withdraw cash immediately after making a deposit now. and if i had a problem with it, i should contact her directly and she will fix it.

but i must say, i was impressed that somebody was finally willing to take accountability and actually DO something to solve my problem. this is the first time i've received top-notch service from scotiabank. maybe if they treated customers like this in the first place, people like me wouldn't have to complain.

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