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I swear, I'm never ordering from this company over the internet again. Yesterday was the anniversary of my father's death, and my sister was having a hard time thinking about him. Being that it was payday and I finally had some money, I decided to hop online to and send her a same day plant. The website says that if you order before 2pm on a weekday, it will be delivered by 7pm that night.

I ordered at 10:30 am. I know this because I immediately emailed my sister to make sure she was staying in the office (though I wouldn't tell her why). I got the confirmation number, tracking number, and my receipt.

For the rest of the day, I periodically checked with my sister. Nope, no surprise. She goes home at 5, but her office is still open until 8, so I knew there was a chance it would arrive and be left with the front desk person after she was gone, but there wasn't any help for that.

She gets to work this morning - no flowers. No note from security or anything. So I checked the website (which I had done the day before as well) and it said 'Being Processed' still. Considering we were a day AFTER the due date, this pissed me off. I called the company.

They have an automated system that you can give your order number to, so I relayed it, the system confirmed it, and said it would transfer me over. Ten seconds of dead air later, it hung up on me! I'm on my work phone, in an office. No cell phone, no ambient noise, nothing wrong on this end. I was pissed.

I called back and skipped the automated system, going straight for a live person. The bad service definitely doesn't lie with her, let me tell you. She tried very hard to make me happy. It wasn't her fault that her company sucks.

During the 20 minute call, she discovered and relayed to me the fact that the company had some difficulty finding a florist who would deliver to her (she's 3.5 miles from downtown, but the locals consider it a million miles away), so there were many notes. She was puzzled because at the end of the notes, they cancelled my order!

No email was sent to me, no phone call was made. They found someone to do it for today, which is nice, but I'm still peeved that I followed their instructions and the delivery wasn't made.

At least the girl on the phone was great. She seemed genuinely amazed I wasn't yelling at her. She didn't know I read customers_suck :)
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