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I. Am. Losing. My. Mind.

Just a follow up to this post.

I got the check. Hallelujah! Praise the lord and pass the damn ham! I deposited the check at my ATM.

I get a call from the insurance company today. *cries* I never wanted to ever talk to them again! Apparently, they "forgot" to sign the check. I thought it odd that there was no signature, but it was a really odd looking check anyway, not like a personal check at all (which is how I am used to seeing checks). Supposedly they are overnighting another one.

My credit union said the bad check would cost me $5. Having already taken two hits on interest for my car loan the insurance company took forever to pay off, I had HAD IT. I am not paying the $5. I gotta make a stand, you know? I phoned them and left a message saying they needed to add that $5 to my check and that I'm not paying anymore for their mistakes.

If that shit is not here tomorrow, I am getting a lawyer. I CANNOT BELIEVE THIS!
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