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scotia bank

i've posted before about my dissatisfaction with scotia bank. last time they allowed a post-dated cheque to go through, which they shouldn't have done. i never even received an apology. my tolerance for their screw-ups was nearing an end, but i figured i would give them one more chance. well, they got that chance and they screwed up, yet again.

two weekends ago, i deposited $300 *cash* into a machine at one of their branches. i assumed the deposit would clear by the following monday or tuesday. well, over this last weekend i was doing some grocery shopping and used my bank card, only to be told my account had "insufficient funds". so yesterday i checked my account online, and sure enough, the money still had a hold on it.

i have SPECIFICALLY told them upwards of a dozen times before that i do not appreciate having my cash deposits held for weeks on end. no matter how many times i call them up and ask them to stop doing this (and they've assure me before that it won't happen again), it keeps happening. so this time, i had really had enough of this BS. i called up my home branch and explained my situation. this is what was said between me and the bank lady.

bl: so, do you have any scotia credit products?
me: no, all i have is a loan that i am currently paying back.
bl: but no credit cards or anything from us?
me: no.
bl: well . . . the only way you can resolve this problem is to get a credit card from us.
me: i already have a credit card from another institution, and i don't want another one. i simply want you guys to STOP holding my cash for at least two weeks.
bl: but there's no hold on your money right now.
me: that's because i just phoned up the other branch and told them to take the hold off. i have to do this every single time i deposit cash, if i want to access said cash any time in the couple of weeks after depositing it.
bl: but if you get a credit card, you can take money out right away after making the deposit. there's nothing else we can do.
me: i'm not saying i want to access the cash right after depositing it. i understand that it takes a day or two to process a deposit. but 14 days, which has been the norm for me, is ridiculous.
bl: as i said, the only way to stop that from happening is to get a credit card.
me: i really don't see why that should be the only solution. just STOP HOLDING MY MONEY for so long. a day or two is fine, but not a week or two.
bl: i really can't explain the details why. if you're not willing to get a credit card, i can't help you.
me: you're telling me that the only way you can stop this from happening is to sucker me into get a credit card? i've been a customer with this bank for over 20 years. this is the way you treat long-term customers?
bl: well maybe if you could actually get to a branch on time and deposit your money at the TELLER this wouldn't be happening.
me: excuse me, but as a person who works until at least 5 pm, it is virtually impossible to make it to a bank that closes at 4 every day.
bl: maybe you should take time off work.
me: that's really none of your concern. can you help me with this deposit problem or not?
bl: are you getting a credit card with us?
me: no.
bl: then no, i can't do anything for you. oh, and if you change your mind, you should get one with at least $1000 limit.
me: i don't think i'll be changing my mind.
bl: okay, well there's nothing i can do for you then.
me: right. well, thanks for your assistance, even though none of it actually helped me solve my problem.
bl: uh huh. bye. *hangs up*

okay, do they honestly think that pressuring me into getting a credit card is the way to go? and do they think i'm dumb enough to believe that's the only solution to my problem with the holds? i mean, i could perhaps understand if i were depositing cheques. but this is CASH. you don't have to wait for a week for cash to "clear". i have an account with another bank, and even though i've been with them for less than 6 months, they don't hold my cash deposits for more than a day or two. i really don't understand why scotia bank has to hold them for usually a full two weeks. and i seriously doubt that me getting a credit card is the ONLY way to get around that problem.

scotia bank, i've come to hate you more and more every time i have to deal with you. no more second chances (well, more like 20th or 30th chances). i'm definitely closing my account this week. way to have outstanding customer service, especially for people who have been loyal to you for a matter of decades.
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