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Screw you, CNA insurance

I was in a car accident two months ago. Car was a total loss. Insurance company (CNA) and I reach a settlement. I still do not have my money.

They sent me DMV forms in overnight service to return to them. I am confused by the forms and call not once, but twice for help completing them. The title administration people are on the east coast and don't know crap about CA DMV forms. Great, I wing it, fill out the forms as best I could.

Flash forward two weeks and apparently I did not complete one of the forms right. Sigh. They snail mail the form to me, but by the time they get it back and process it (looks like it takes them about four days just to get around to it once they have it), a monthly payment has come due on the car for April. ARGH! I make the payment with assurances from the insurance company and my lender that I would be credited back the payment once the lender receives their share to pay off the loan. Also, by the time CNA got around to sending a check to the lender, interest had accrued increasing the amount due. I mostly am angry with CNA for sitting on their asses, but also annoyed with the credit union for not just not taking the money and let me pay the *seven* paltry dollars in interest separately.

I called last week wanting to know where my check is. Supposedly it was overnighted last Thursday, but I did not receive it on Friday. I called Monday and insisted on a tracking number. Oh noes, your check got lost! For real, they told me a batch of checks were lost. I no way believe them, but what can I do? I called again today and wanted a tracking number since they said a new check should go out today. The title administration people don't have any such number, but say a check is on its way to me and the lien holder. I called the adjustor and she said if I call tomorrow, she'll have the tracking number, but that she *guarentees* that I will have it Wednesday. I asked about the check to my credit union for the loan and she said that they would mail it, but wouldn't be overnighting it. ARGH! I told her the lender would refuse it again if they did not send it ASAP since the May payment is coming due.

I am not taking another hit on interest because they can't seem to get the checks out in a timely fashion. I got another car, but I can't make two car payments this month... why is this taking so long? Just so frustrated!
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