Emily (hermionegsnape) wrote in bad_service,

Sprint is really pissing me off. It's too bad because I've had a phone with them since 2002 but their customer service has been really bad the last 6 months.

-I called sprint last sunday to find out why I have overages. They got fixed.
-I tried to start a new plan to get a free phone and was told they couldn't do online.  Yet I had just ordered it online.  Add 4 phone calls straightening this out.
-I ordered a new plan with a free phone last Sunday
-My bank account was charged last monday for my order so yes, they can do it online
-I get an email on Wens that there is a problem. I call, sit on hold for 10 minutes, and here that my phone was back overed but now it is fixed. 
-I email them Friday because my balance online doesn't  match the corrected balance.  They fix it.
-I was supposed to have the phone in 3-5 days so I call today
-Sit on hold to one number for 22 minutes
-1st person can't find my order and gets confused.  No help
-2nd person transfers me to rebate
-3rd person wants to find someone to help me and promises to call back.  I get called back and the line disconnects and I can't get the person back
-4th person 'puts me on hold' and transfers me to the spanish customer service
-5th person cannot find the order or my account
Total time: 2 hours 56 minutes

Meanwhile in computer-land:
-I have an email saying the order exists and confirms all my into
-They tell me it will be 5-10 days in a 2nd email
-3rd email says they won't give me the UPS tracking number
-4th email tells me that my order isn't even in the system yet
-emails 5-8 deal with me trying to get some time frame on when my order will be processed, how long that will take, how long it will take to ship etc.  How hard is it to understand that I don't have anyone else to sign for a UPS package and I need some idea of when it will be here?

WTF? I think I'm going to cancel the whole thing and see if I can get my number transfered somewhere else. This is a major waste of time. 

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