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Erin's Musings

Speaking of bad_service at Wal-mart...

You know, I don't expect much when I go to a store. I'm polite, courteous to a fault and patient above all things. I've worked in a store. It sucks, I know.

However, I do not tolerate being overlooked and ignored while I'm right in front of you, in your line.

Yesterday, my mom called asked me if I would go to Wal-mart with her and spend some time with her while she did the grocery getting thing. I said sure. I told her that I was about ten minutes behind her (we were driving home from work) and that I would meet her there, as I had to pick up a few things, too.

I get there and we share a buggy, picking out our stuff. We managed to survive getting barreled over by some horse-playing teenagers (Lots of good customers_suck in there, lemme tell ya.) and made our way to the front. Now, I opted to go through a specific lane because it's the only lane that you can buy cigarettes in. We wait until it's our turn and start sitting our items on the belt, separated by one of those black plastic dividers. I go first, as I have fewer items than my mom. Cashier greets me and then after that,

OC-other cashier in lane next to us
CF-Cashier's friend
CC-Cashier's co-worker

C- How are you? *Begins scanning groceries.*
E- I'm fine, thanks and yourself? *smiles and moves down to the little stand to begin writing my check.*
M- *Begins putting her stuff on the counter.*
C- *Looks past me to OC* So, tell me what (insert name here) said, last night!
OC- She said that she gon' kick his ass!
E- *annoyed look, but is still nice* Excuse me, I need (blah brand of cigs and blah other brand of cigs) in the box, please.
C- *Doesn't even hear me, but looks over her shoulder and sees her friend.* Yo bitch. Where you been?

Now at this point, my mom is pissed. I may cuss like a sailor, but she doesn't and was getting pretty damn offended by this point.

Cashier and her friend continue to talk for a couple of minutes and while this is going on, the cashier has stopped scanning altogether and is just leaning against her checkstand. So, I repeat myself.

E- I need (blah brand and other blah brand) of cigs, please.
C- Hey, I gotta go. This woman is getting impatient.
E- *Instantly pissed.*
C- *Turns to get my cigs (2 different brands) and brings back the wrong ones.*
E- No, not those. *repeats the kind three more times as she gets the wrong ones and has to keep turning back.*
C- *Turns back the last time and gets the correct ones, finally. Of course, not without seeing her co-worker and begins to talk while she scans the cigs. She drops them in the bag and tells me my total, then turns back to her co-worker and begins talking again.*
E- *Writing out my check, has a brainfart and forgets the date.* Is today the 15th or 16th?
C- *Looks back at me with an annoyed look on her face.* The 16th. *Starts talking to her co-worker again.* So, where you stay at?
E- *Clears her throat and tears check out and hands it over with ID.*
C- *Huffs and walks back over to the checkstand and peers at my check.* Um, today's the 15th.
E- I asked you what the date was and you said it was the 16th.
C- No, I didn't. That's your total. (For reference, my total was 18.53) Now I need you to change the date.
E- *Doesn't argue, just changes the date.*
C- *Runs the check through the register and bags my last item...a 2 liter soda dropped right on a pack of hamburger buns. Turns her back without giving me my receipt.*
E- Can I have my receipt?
C- Here. *snatches it off and just tosses it at me and turns to begin ringing up my mom's stuff.*

This has turned out to be long enough, so I won't regale you with my mom's horrible service story from the same cashier. I didn't go to the manager because I was exhausted and ready to get home, but I'm not expecting that he would have done much, anyhow.

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