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Vons deli disappointment :(

This is not terrible service, it's not even that bad, but it's annoying so I'm going to rant here and I hope that's okay.

My boyfriend was sweet enough to offer to bring soup and a sandwich from our local Vons to me at work. (I'm a little sick, so he's taking care of me. d'awww).

I asked him to get my usual Von's Signature Sandwich (sooo good) with no tomato.

I don't know if many people are familiar with Vons (grocery store) but their Signature Sandwiches are put together a special way and you can ask to deviate from that if you want.

My usual is (according to the Von's website, and also all the stores I ever go to):
7. Veggin' Out

Danish Havarti Cheese
Green Leaf Lettuce
Olive Mix
Ranch Spread
Served on Multi-Grain Bread

My boyfriend asked for no tomatoes, then went away and got me soup (sooo sweet of him!).

When he arrived with my sandwich, this is what was on it:

Olive mix
Onions ?

That's it. :( No cheese, no avocado and somehow onions appeared? The bf said right before he left to get the soup, the lady almost put mayo on it, but he had to stop her, "Oh, no mayo!" because he knows I gag at mayo. Mayo isn't even on the list of ingredients. If I'd have wanted that, I would have politely asked for mayo.

Anyway, I seriously can't eat it because it's so salty from the olive mix with no other real flavors. Plus, I find it annoying that the things they forgot (avocado, ranch spread, cheese) are the most expensive things. I paid $5 for lettuce and olives on bread?

Like I said, not HORRIBLE. But still sort of wtf. Especially because there are papers right there that tell the employees exactly what to put on each sandwich. Of course, the customer can request things (I ask for no tomato, for example, and maybe someone else wants mayo on their's or whatever) but to just assume to put onions and mayo on it is weird. Plus, what happened to my cheese and avocado?

It’s not like she mixed it up with anyone else’s… bf said he was the only one there.

I did call Vons and very nicely told the customer service lady what happened. She offered that if I brought my sandwich in, they'd add what was missing. (Open it up and put the stuff on it, I guess). I thanked her for the offer and said no. I didn't want anything for free, but I wanted her to ask the deli workers to be sure to check the paper with the recipes when they make the sandwiches. I guess I was sucky on that part, even though I was very nice in tone.

Oh well. :(

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