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Unauthorized Roaming, Part Deux

I posted about my trials and tribulations regarding Sprint's customer service and some unauthorized roaming charges, about a month ago, and was optimistic that my problem would be solved.

The network fraud people called me a few days after my original post, saying that there was not any fraudulent activity on my account. I demanded to know why the roaming calls were on my bill, and they, like many others, blamed my phone and pleaded with me to hasten to the Sprint Store to have a diagnostic check.

The manager of the Sprint Store was unsurprised at this problem, it seems. She told me that there were several other customers in my area having this same problem. She called Sprint customer service, and was promptly hung up on by the twatwaffle on the other end after explaining the problem I and others were having with unauthorized roaming charges. She then attempted to run a diagnostic check on my phone, and was horrified to find that the phone's firmware was corrupted to the point where she couldn't load anything onto it. She gave me a brand new phone of the same model, with the newest software on it, and told me that this would probably solve my problem. Merrily, I skipped home, assuming my issue had FINALLY been resolved.

Until I received my bill for this month. With about 50 more unauthorized roaming charges on it. Yet again, I rang up Sprint customer service to complain. The first girl I got was the most incompetent person I have yet to speak to...she asked me to repeat everything about 5 times, and finally I got fed up and asked for a supervisor, causing her to promptly put me on hold for about 15 minutes, never to hear from her again. I hung up and called back, and got a relatively competent person this time; she got me over to tech support, who said they would put a trouble ticket in for the issue, and to call back to check on the status in 3 days. 3 days later, I call back and ask to speak to tech support regarding my trouble ticket, and am informed that there is no trouble ticket for my problem. So I grit my teeth and request a trouble ticket again. The lady says she's certain that it's something to do with the network, and that they would call ME in 24-48 hours. Time passes, and nobody calls me except for my mom and my friend Cat, who certainly would not know how to help me with my phone.

This Sunday, I call them back, and insist on bypassing the idiot customer service person in order to reach someone in tech support. Customer Service lady transfers me, and I wait. And wait. And wait for about 20 minutes. Irritated, I hang up and call back, getting another customer service person, who tells me, "Oh yes, there's a high call volume for tech support, there'll be about a 20 minute wait." RAGE SNARL...wish the first person had told me that so I would've just stayed on the call instead of hanging up and losing my place in the queue. I'm placed back into the tech support queue, and wait another 20 minutes, when lo and behold, I actually get hold of someone. I tell her what's going on, and ask her what Sprint is doing to resolve my issue. Tech support lady asks me the same questions I have been asked OVER AND OVER by about 10 different people (who should have noted the answers in my account), and I lose it. I tell her that if she does not do something to help resolve my issue, I will cancel my account. Tech support lady promptly puts me on hold without asking, and I find myself speaking to a young man in Account Services. At this point, I am breathing hellfire and brimstone through my nostrils, and deliver a blisteringly scathing account of the incompetence I have encountered while trying to get help for a problem that has been occuring for two months straight, without being able to get a straight answer on what is being done to resolve it. Account Service guy has quite the soothing voice, but cannot access anything regarding my technical problems. After conferring with his supervisor, he is prepared to offer me a change in plan, which costs the same, but adds 100 more minutes and unlimited roaming, as well as a $50 service credit for the inconvenience I have experienced. Grudgingly I accept the offer, though nothing has yet been done to figure out why the hell these roaming calls are even being made. At least now I won't be charged for them.

Little do they know, I am cancelling my account and switching to T-Mobile next month.

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