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i feel the need to vent

another vacation bad service story (sort of) with a question.

when the parents drive for a vacation, they always rent from Avis, especially when flying since it's just a BAD idea to leave your car in LAX's parking area.

i had left my sweater in the backseat where i was sitting the whole way down there. i'd planned on bringing it in case Philly and/or Williamsburg was colder than here in CA.

once we got to the hotel in LA, i dragged it up to the room along w the luggage. when we planned to go to dinner, i hauled it along in case it got breezy. back in the backseat it went.

due to the twit at the front desk and her crappy directions (and i won't bore you with that story), we never found the Red Lobster that was supposed to be "ten minutes away just down the road". so we ended up eating at the hotel restaurant.

i forgot my sweater in the car since we'd never gotten out. i admit that.

dad went to return the car. and i didn't realize the sweater had been left in it until he was already gone. and there was this whole process of "take-the-car-to-Avis-and-Avis-takes-you-to-the-airport-then-call-for-the-hotel-shuttle" cuz the hotel shuttles did not go to the car rental places that my dad had to do.

to cut it short, dad had already left by the time i called him on his cell--he was waiting at LAX for the hotel shuttle. however i tried calling the Avis place. they claimed to have looked in the car and the lost and found and my sweater was nowhere.

now considering the car was JUST turned in no less than a half hour before that, i feel that whoever checked the car in stole my sweater and were lying over the phone. after all a sweater cannot just disappear and except for going into the room and back out again in five minutes, it never left that car.

my parents expect me to just forget another sweater. they also get pissy when i say it was stolen. i'm aware that i have no proof, but i feel that is what obviously happened to it. it was THERE when dad turned the car in. he forgot to look, which he also admits, but that means someone at the LAX Avis office took it. can't just have poof! vanished. clothing can't do that. so where else would it be?

is there anyone i could complain to? Avis corporate maybe? (yea i doubt they'd care, but i wonder if i should anyway)

dear whoever at LAX Avis took it....i hope it smothers you in your sleep, asshat.

that is all.
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