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Planned Parenthood

I am moderately irritated right now.

Every three months I get a Depo-provera birth control shot from Planned Parenthood. I normally receive decent service from them. They have appointments available after work, I usually see the same nurse, and they accept my insurance. Usually the appointments last about 5 minutes, since it is such a routine visit for me. I walk in, they stab me in my tush, I go on with my life.

After each shot, I schedule my next appointment. Last time I did the same, making arrangements to get my depo shot today at 6:20pm. I get a voicemail that was left on my cellphone at 2 pm asking me to call and reschedule. I don't listen to the voicemail until my drive home from work at about 5:15. I call as soon as I get home, and basically they say there is no way they can see me this evening, and they don't have any openings that work with my schedule for almost two weeks. WTF. The window for me to get my depo shot is just about two weeks, and toward the end of that window I get a bit... hormonal. I won't get into details, but needless to say it is in EVERYONE'S best interest if I get my shot in a timely manner.

I explain, calmly, that I made the appointment three months ago because I KNOW that evening appointments book up quickly. They claim they are unable to see me today or even make time for me on Saturday, and tell me to call another branch to see what they have available.
So I call the other branch, but they are a Planned Parenthood Express -- which means that they are walk-in only, and I can't schedule an appointment. They do have hours on Saturday, but are only open for a few hours at an inconvenient time. And I know that walk-in clinics tend to have long waits.

I understand that they can have scheduling errors, but I made the appointment so long ago, I can't understand why a) they didn't notify me earlier, b) gave me priority since I made my appointment so long ago, or c) worked to fit me in ASAP since they screwed up.

So now I am stuck with spending my Saturday morning at a crowded walk-in clinic to get my depo shot. Grr.
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