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cold tub!

this is a vacation bad service story.

the parents and i went to Williamsburg, VA, for a few days after visiting Philadelphia for the better part of a week. the hotel in Philly didn't have a pool or hot tub so i was delighted to see that the one in Williamsburg had both. so after we got in the first night and settled in the suite (two bedrooms and TWO bathrooms! this was the good service part, cuz we weren't expecting that size of a suite!), i put on the suit and gathered up my dad's borrowed watch (mine ain't waterproof), a towel and a couple books. the plan was to swim a few laps then go wind down in the hot tub.

i did the former....the pool was nice and warm, surprisingly. so i moved for the hot tub. there were two girls abt my age already in it.

me: duh
G1: girl 1, dirty blond, in a lime bikini
G2: girl 2, dark haired, in a multicolor bikini
DG: hotel desk guy
J: Jose (i think that was his name), maintenance guy

G2: you ain't gonna like it in here.
me: :with book in hand: O_o
G1: the fuckin' thing is cold.
:as i got all the way i did notice it was considerably colder than the pool:
me: maybe the jets need to be turned on? i know some spas are like that.
G's in chorus: that doesn't fucking work either. try it.
:sure enough....the jets do the bubbling thing rather than shooting out. the bubbling sends water all OVER the place, spilling a lot out of the hot tub, which isn't even full.:
G1: i've had enough of this shit. :gets out and heads out gate to, presumably get hotel staff:
:G2 tells me while her friend is gone about how some maintenance guy put more water in after a bunch was splashed out the first time, but not enough to fill it properly. and that they were told upon first pointing out the lack of heat issue to just go use the spa of the hotel across the parking lot (another Marriott) but theirs was broken as well. G1 returns with DG in tow and goes into long spiel about all of the above that her friend related to me--it's obvious to me they've had this conversation at least once.:
G1: we gave you all day to get someone to please fix this and it still isn't fixed. now it's even colder!
DG: :entirely unapologetic: well there's nothing we can do.
G2: hello, IT'S COLD.
me: i just got here....they are right. the pool's warmer than this. and the jets are broken.
DG: since when?
:i get out to show him, explaining about the bubbling/throwing water all over the place = not functioning correctly. he just shrugs and gives me some "well that's the way it's always been" line:
:J comes out and gets out the hose to put more water in the spa:
G2: this temperature problem needs to be FIXED--or we want your manager.
:J makes big production of getting out thermometer and dipping it in the water for a few minutes, then proclaims that we (i presume he meant all three of us, tho i hadn't said much yet) should be happy with "90-95 degrees"):
me: O_o hot tubs are supposed to be around 104 degrees. thepool is warmer than this.
J: oh well.
G2: :hauls herself out: i've had enough of this. :gathers her stuff up and nods to me: good luck.
G1: :as they leave: we're coming back in THREE HOURS. if this isn't fixed, we want your manager.

granted the girls were probly sucky customers to a point, but i found the hotel staff's attitude to be very unprofessional. especially the maintenance guy, whose job it is to, if not fix that stuff, call someone who will.

my parents own a hot tub, as do several other ppl i know (granted the parents have an archaic model that takes awhile to heat up and they BARELY use it....but that's another story). jets are called jets for a reason--they don't bubble up and make a big fat mess when they're in proper working order. and
hot tubs are SUPPOSED to be hot (hence their name).

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