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Not so much a bad cabbie as a creepy cabbie

In keeping with today's cabbie theme, Here's dialogue from January, when I visited an ex of mine in New York City. My ex hailed a cab while I ran back into his place to get something I'd forgotten, so I assumed the meter would be running and that my cabbie would be like all other ones I'd had in NYC...gruff, quiet, or making chit-chat about touristy things. No such luck. Well, luck in regard to the meter at least...

It's long because as soon as I got on the bus I wrote it all down to show people.

me: Port Authority, please
cabbie: you know, I could have kept the meter running, but you're so beautiful, I didn't, I start now. I could have made 5, 6 dollars by now but I didn't, for you
me: Oh, thank you!
cabbie: Where are you going on the bus?
me: Maine
cabbie: And who's that man who held the cab for you, he looked so, so sad!
me: Uh, that's my ex
cabbie: Ex! Ex-boyfriend? Oh no, what happened, what did he do?
me: Oh, uh no, no, it was years ago-
cabbie: How long?
me: Over two years
cabbie: So long ago, why visit him?
me: Um, I just wanted to see the city, and we're friends now
cabbie: Nothing more? No kisses, no sex?
me: Uh...
cabbie: You're a strong, beautiful woman to not do that if you didn't
me: Um, thank you
cabbie: Why you leave him two years ago?
me: It just didn't work out
cabbie: Shame on him, letting you go, he's probably scum
me: yeah, well...
cabbie: No, seriously, and he didn't try to have you, go have a few drinks with you, try to be with you again, with you in same apartment?
me: Um...
cabbie: He said he wanted to have sex with you?
me: That's...kind of...private
cabbie: I would never say such a thing to lovely girl like you even if I wanted. What would you say to him if he say that? If he said "pretty girl, let's have sex?"
me: I'd say 'no...'
cabbie: You are a good person! I see you on street, I think "what a good, beautiful person" and so I didn't run meter. He's scum, you are a beautiful, moral woman. Most women, they don't care, but you know two years is too long to have you back, that's beautiful
me: Thanks?
cabbie: No, seriously, there aren't many women who do that, I love it, I am French, we love honest women
me: Thank you
cabbie: You move on? New man?
me: Yeah, I have a boyfriend
cabbie: In Maine?
me: Yes
cabbie: You going back to him now, you live with him?
me: In the same apartment building...
cabbie: That's moral, that's so moral, how long have you been with him?
me: over a year and a half
cabbie: You love him?
me: Uh-huh
cabbie: Really, love?
me: Yes
cabbie: That's so beautiful, how does he feel, you staying here with this ex-boyfriend?
me: He's fine with it...
cabbie: He a good person?
me: uh-huh...
cabbie: He must be, you're good person, that's why you don't let this other man have sex with you. Other man would just say "Oh, she came to have sex" because he's scum-man, but you didn't and that's why he look so sad, he knows you're smart and not easy, he knows he lost great chance
me: Right
cabbie: No, seriously, if you'd had sex with this ex-boyfriend you'd feel like loser, like bad person and easy woman, but you're good and can go with head high now
me: Okay...?
cabbie: No, seriously! Here's Port Authority, here, I'm wiping fare, pay it myself, ok?
me: Wait, what?
cabbie: I'm wiping fare, you don't owe me anything, have a good life in Maine
me: Are you sure?
cabbie: Yes, have a beautiful day

One the one hand, free cab ride! On the other hand...holy GOD those are personal questions. I kept mumbling or not answering because if I refused to respond he'd keep asking or assume what my response would be. I'm not sure why he didn't make me pay...that made me feel slightly less weirded out about how personal the questions were, but not by much. In all I do find it really funny, though. It's just so weird!
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