creepybrat (creepybrat) wrote in bad_service,

Another cab story.

Not really bad service because this stuff happens....and it was funny.

Years ago I was at a mall buying my dad a father's day present. I bought him a ferret and I wasn't going to take it on a bus so I grabbed a cab parked in front of the mall. The ferret was in a box and the driver had no idea what I had. On the way home I started to smell crap. I was embarrassed! I thought the ferret was crapping and I was thinking the cab driver thought it was me! When we got to my place I tipped him very well and quickly went inside.

When I opened the box....the ferret was fine and there was no crap or foul smell...then or later. My conclusion? If it wasn't the ferret...or me.....? LOL Gross!
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